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Kees Looijesteijn

Portrait Kees Looijesteijn
What touched me as a photographer?

“The tired look of an old street vendor who met me. That was in Potosí (Bolivia), where once stood the largest silver mine in the world. She sat on a bench with her feet up against the cold at 4100 meters altitude. A campesina which sold sitting on her folding chair from her folding wooden box candies. The smallest possible form of entrepreneurship or forced ingenuity to survive? As concerns age she could have been my mother. When I paid the chocolate, I asked permission to photograph her “shop”. Again I saw her jaded eyes. Bang emerging tear to photograph, I pressed the shutter button’.

Who is Kees Looijesteijn?

. Artist,
. Chairman
. Father,
. Former aid worker,
. Former alderman,
. Former governor,
. Honorary citizen,
. Inspirator,
. Lecturer,
. Literature lover, .
. Partner,
. Photographer,
. Project leader
. Speaker,


woman looking through binoculars with cat eyes

“Man has unprecedented power and survival. Creativity and optimism help him in difficult times who knows every human life or lesser degree”.

An example


Signature photo


As an autonomous photographer, I work on self-chosen tasks and themes taking photos institution, on the basis of creativity. Yet I do not shy reportage form, but only for those themes that appeal to me.
I work with few resources, in the style of Street Photographer: Repectful and close.

Every step you take – I’ll be watching you

More information?

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What I undertook before? What not: Development worker, project manager, teacher, alderman and … last but not least: photographer.

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Kees Looijesteijn

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