First steps on photography from his 18th to his 21st which results in:
1972 First exposition of black and white photos with graphic artist Peter Bes
1974 First job in development aid (until 1976 in Peru)
Was Councilor from (1976) and after having been an alderman (1993-2002) he got time to pick up photography again by:
2005 Masterclass by Bettiena Drukker (Fotoacademie/Fotogram)
2007 Faces of Amsterdam by photojournalist Caro Bonink
2007 Workshop Portrait by Peter Delleman (Fotoacademie/Fotogram)
2008 Autonomous photography by Tineke Schuurmans (FotoFactory)
2009 Workgroup Form & Content, Bettiena Drukker (Fotoacademie/Fotogram)
Works as an autonomous photographer on own tasks and themes where pictures come about based on creativity. He is a specialist on documentary photography but prefers that only for those themes that appeal to him.

Exhibitions / lectures
1996 Slide presentation/lecture: South-America; In the footsteps of Simon Bolivar
2003 Slide presentation/lecture: Cuba; Old men and their fight against time
2004 Solo exposition: South America; Stores the size of a briefcase
2005 Selected for Photo Festival Knokke-Heist (Belgium)
2007 Solo exhibition: Afsluitdijk, from A to Z a dike of a dike
2008 Group exhibition, with theme Licht/Ligt aan zee (surreal)
2009 Selected International Photo Festival Knokke-Heist (Belgium)
2009 Presentation; What’s so contemporary on contemporary photography
2010 Group Exhibition, Sculptures in Gardens
2011 Group Exhibition, Sea light reflections, Bergensekunst10daagse
2011 Solo exhibition: Remarkable eye on flower bulbs
2011 Group Exhibition, Water Binds
2012 Group Exhibition, Sea light reflections, Licht aan Zee, Den Helder
2013 Group exhibition, Power and Splendour, Anna Paulowna

1981 Photo contest honorable mention European campaign in rural areas
2014 Public Price Pf – Magazine Professional Photography for the serie Street sellers

2008 Member in database of artists and designers CBKNH.
2011 National Association for Visual Artists